Saturday, March 05, 2011

2011 Legislative Session (Week 5 Udpate)

Week 5 Update
Utah League of Cities and Towns

While week five was fairly anti-climactic, the beginning of week six started with a bang.

Quickly to week five, we spent most of week five negotiating on issues that are to be discussed during this week. Two major issues, billboards and the ongoing saga of Salt Lake County issues were resolved to our liking during week five and were heard first thing Monday morning. On billboards, we successfully punted the contentious issues to the interim, where we will be discussing billboard illumination standards. In addition we were able to work with the interested parties to resolve disputes with the ReAL Salt Lake sign and Maverik Center sign… all in all a successful conclusion.

On the SL County issues, we discussed these during the last update (See week 4 update at and those bill were handled as described in that update.

Lastly, Jodi and I were able to successfully draft and amend the bill dealing with our regulatory authority over the use of knives. The bill will have an amendment drafted to allow us to use our criminal code to regulate and prosecute crimes that are committed where a knife is involved. Again another win for us.

Like I said, most of the fire is to come in week six and seven.

Because one of our cohorts did such a great job on his update (thanks Wilf Sommerkorn of SLC) I have taken the liberty to include his summary of some key land use bills that were discussed during Monday’s deliberation.

An eventful day for land use bills Monday.

SB243 on historic districts was substituted, then failed to pass out of committee on a tie vote, not sure what happens next with this.

Another boxcar gains language, SB293, which makes some modifications to the MIDA law, primarily over annexation procedures

SB231 on the film studio enterprise zone, was not voted on in committee yesterday due to procedural issues, but did have its hearing and will be voted on in committee this afternoon. Link to a news story below:

HB487 was amended (much better, thanks Jodi!) and voted out of committee favorably yesterday

I hope this update finds you all well.

Your ULCT Lobby Team