Monday, February 25, 2008

Sifting Begins for the '08 session

As we enter the final full week of the 2008 legislative session, sifting has begun. Meaning that only priority bills will be placed on the reading calendar for consideration. If you still have a bill to get to committee or still have a bill in its house or origin it is now time to start worrying. If, however, you are trying to stop a bill and one of the previous still apply, then life is looking pretty good right now.

So far, the ULCT has faired pretty well with only a few lingering bills that cause some concern, and much of our work completed on the bills we are promoting. Today also marks the final Legislative Policy Meeting for the 2008 session. I will provide a detailed recap this evening, but here are a few bills we are following and there status.

Major Bills We Are Promoting:

  • HB51 Water Forfeiture – Through the House and Ready for Senate Consideration
  • HB153 Impact Fee Amendments – Through the House Ready for Senate Consideration
  • HB177 Geologic Hazards Zoning -- Through the House Ready for Senate Consideration
  • SB20 Municipal Forms of Government – Through the Senate, In House Committee
  • SB72 Justice Court Reform – Senate Third Reading Calendar

Major Bills of Concern:

  • HB166 Minutes of Open Meetings – Passed House, To Be Considered in the Senate
  • HB264 Citation Quotes – Held in the Senate – Will not pass
  • HB293 Certified Private Bldg. Inspectors – Passed House, our amendments ready to be placed in the Senate
  • HB454 Regulation of Riparian Zones – Still in the House, Going to Committee
  • SB127 Underground Utility Locations – Still in the Senate – Will not pass

Until Next Time, Enjoy